Tuesday, 1 March 2011

The Power of Qi - Event Retrospective

For those of you who missed The Power of Qi workshop last week in Jersey City with myself and Carol Look, I have to tell you it was a great event!

There was a great energy in the room, thanks in large part to the wonderful participants who supported us, supported each other and truly made it a memorable time. 

Although I did nearly nine hours of Qi Gong teaching over the three days, the highlight for me was being able to sit back and watch Carol work her magic - using her uniquely powerful take on EFT, she brought about major emotional healing in the lives of many of those who came.  And the rest of us improved our own EFT practice considerably, while lending our energetic support to the people going through the process of dumping years or sometimes decades of emotional trauma.  

In case you're new to EFT or you've never had the privilege of watching Carol in action, here's clip that will give you some idea what it's like.  Granted, the clip parachutes you into the middle of a session without much context, but it's still worth a look.  Please note this clip is not from last week's workshop:

"Nothing Can Work That Fast"

Well, that's what one of the participants originally thought when she first heard about EFT.  She confided to me after the workshop had ended that her initial reaction to EFT was pretty skeptical when she had first encountered the technique a few years previously.  But she decided to put it to the test anyway and under very harsh conditions.  You see, she had almost drowned as a child.  And although she learned to love swimming as an adult, she had a very strong phobia about letting the water level get above her nose.  In other words, she could "swim", but had to keep her head out of the water. 

Well, after just one round of using the EFT tapping method on her decades-old phobia, she happily dove under water and was shocked to discover that the phobia was... well... gone!

The Power of Qi

The more Carol and I taught over the three days, the more we became convinced that Qi Gong and EFT are the proverbial "marriage made in heaven".  Of course, the EFT tapping procedure is based on Chinese meridian science, and the ancient Taoist medical system teaches that emotion itself is an aspect of the energy or Qi flowing through you, such that particular emotional states are related to specific organ systems in your body. 

The good news that follows from this is that you can use your body to access and control your emotional state, which both EFT and Qi Gong allow you to do in different ways.  The bad news is that if you fail to look after your emotional life, these powerful currents can directly affect your major organs and other bodily systems.  

During the event, I took everyone through a specific organ meditation method that not only relieves stress and rejuvenates the body, it also teaches you the various emotions, elements and colors associated with each of your organs as you go, so you learn all this without having to memorize it.  And for some people, it also taught them where certain organs are located ;-)

In fact, we spent a lot of time talking about the all important aspect of transforming Qi Gong from an exercise practice you do at certain times of day into a way of life.  All in all, a great learning experience for everyone who attended... including Carol and myself!

Future Events

Just so you know, I will be doing a live event in Toronto, Canada on 14-15 May with my dear friend Michael Morningstar.  The official notice and all the details should be out next week.  So if you're seriously interested in boosting your health and immunity, you'll want to keep this next workshop in mind.  

~ Dr. Symeon Rodger  


  1. Was the seminar filmed so it could be made available as a set of dvds?

  2. Yes, the seminar was filmed. We still haven't seen the footage and I'm not sure where the editing is at, but we should have more news for you before long!