Friday, 25 February 2011

Beating Colds and Flus.... BEFORE They Get You!

The contents of this post are not to be considered as medical advice. Always consult a qualified health care professional before trying health maintenance methods that are new to you.

It's not over yet, and I just found out the hard way...

Cold and flu season... those nasty little devils that can sneak up on you and make your life miserable.  

While the season has been on for several months here in the northern hemisphere, we're at a particularly difficult time right now as the ambient temperature starts to fluctuate above and below the two critical numbers - the freezing point (0C/32F) and the "comfort point" (20C/68F).  

This happened here just last week - last Friday was a balmy, spring-like 10C and the next day the mercury fell 10 degrees below freezing.  That was when my wife's virus, the one she had had all week, decided I'd finally be an easier target.  You see, it's around these temperatures that the human immune system has the hardest time.

So here are some thoughts on prevention - yes, if you throw this heavy artillery against an oncoming virus in time, chances are you'll fight off the worst of it.

From Indian Ayurvedic medicine:

First, when you feel something coming on, do what animals do in the wild and stop eating!  Or at least eat much lighter.  This allows your body to devote more resources to killing the invaders.  

Then make yourself a thermo-nuclear beverage.  You can use chicken or vegetable soup stock and then add some ginger, some mushed garlic and as much cayenne pepper as you can stand.  Then drink it, wrap yourself up nice and warm and let yourself sweat it out.  

And finally, the following combination of herbs comes highly recommended - astragalus, reishi and golden seal.  

From Dr. Eddy Basch and Dr. Joseph Mercola:

Finally, here are a couple of videos to get you thinking some more about unique solutions that may help you.  You may or may not agree with all their advice (I'm currently testing some of it myself), but at least you may find something that works really well for you personally:



Enjoy them and stay healthy!!

~ Dr. Symeon Rodger

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