Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Helping the Japanese People: Remote Resilience Building

It's no secret the Japanese people need all the support and every kind of support we can give them right now.  So how can you personally help out?

Of course you can give financially, and perhaps you can't envisage any other way to help out.  However, according to Authentic Ancient Traditions of self-transformation and according to an increasingly impressive body of scientific research, you may well be able to help Japan even more in a totally different way.

Remote Assistance: Is it Possible?

Can you help someone else acquire more personal resilience?  Can you do this even if the other person is unaware you're doing so?  A number of recent studies in remote healing (also known as "distance healing") tell us the answer is a definite "yes".  You can have a look for yourself at some of these studies in Lynne McTaggart's book, The Field.  Other case studies came to my attention at last year's Energy Psychology Conference.  The bottom line...

The bottom line is that human intention has the documented ability to reliably influence and alter molecular structure and mental state at a distance, any distance, unhindered by known physical laws or the perceived limitations of time and space.  Since this is the case, you and I can in fact contribute to the protection, healing and resolution of the multiple crises that have struck Japan - earthquake, tsunami, reactor meltdown, volcanic eruption, economic turmoil and more.  

A Resilient People

The Japanese have always been a resilient people, a people with a strong sense of identity, of purpose and a people who were very fortunate to learn a great lesson many centuries ago.  They learned that when a person becomes "rightly situated" within him- or herself as a human being, when the correct mind-body relationship is cultivated, that person becomes incredibly strong in every way.

"Hara no aru hito" - "the man with a belly", describes what they mean.  When a person is centered in the Hara, what the Chinese refer to as the dantian, he or she is imperturbable.  So hara no aru hito also conveys the idea of someone who always knows what to do.  Needless to day, the Japanese will need all the hara they have to deal with the present disaster.

What Can We Do?

Going back to the teachings of ancient traditions and the recent scientific evidence supporting them, here are a few simple suggestions you can implement right away.

Before you actually use one of these methods, though, take a few moments and imagine what you would be feeling and experiencing if you were in their place.  This creates empathy and opens up your capacity to use these powerful methods more effectively.

  1. Pray for Them.  They need strength on all levels, the healing of trauma, protection from the impact of past and coming events.  And we can pray for the best possible outcome of those aspects of this disaster still in the making - the reactor situations and the volcanic activity.
  2. Embrace Them in Love.  Simply go into a quiet meditative state and with the eye of your heart, embrace them in love.  Love is the single strongest force in the universe.  Nothing has ever or will ever defeat it.  The ancient Christian ascetics who genuinely encountered divine love called it "uncreated energy" - "uncreated" because it is totally different from anything else we know in this world, and infinitely more powerful.  That is why it is said that love is stronger than death.

  3. Tap for Them.  Did you know you can use a tapping procedure such as the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) to help others?  I first heard of the idea of doing this for Japan from Dawson Church, who has been responsible for much of the scientific research on EFT.  He suggested tapping every hour on the hour.  However you do it, it will all help.  If you're a little unclear on how to do it, here's a video to help you.  Keep in mind you that if you're used to a slightly different tapping sequence, you can use that instead.  

As you can see, you really can make a difference, and without even leaving home. 

A friend of mine, John Green, runs an organization here in Ottawa that's ranked number 3 in the world for earthquake rescue.  John and his crew have no doubt already made their way to Japan.  That's their talent and their gift.  We can't all go there, but we can all give our loving support and that support is critical.

~ Dr. Symeon Rodger


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