Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Resilience Tip: Recognize and Eliminate "B" Thinking

There are two types of thinking, two approaches to life in the world.  Let's call them "A" and "B" thinking.  It's vital to recognize which predominates in yourself and when if you want to become resilient.

Resilience is characterized by A-thinking, whereas the masses of humanity are deeply invested in B-thinking.  Let's look at the characteristics of each:

A Thinking                                                                      B Thinking
- Seeks challenge                                                            - Seeks comfort
- Uses pain constructively                                               - Flees from pain at all cost
- Indulges in pleasure sparingly                                      - Lives for fleeting pleasures
- Committed to excellence                                              - Content with mediocrity
- The leader (conquers new "territory")                          - The manager (of existing territory)
- The rebel                                                                         - The conformist
- Goes beyond inherited culture                                      - Blindly accepts own culture
- Hates and exposes lies                                                 - Accepts society's lies
- The mystic                                                                       - The religious institutionalizer
- Reality at all cost                                                             - Content with pretending
- TRUTH                                                                             - Political correctness

Where do you see yourself in these lists?  More to the point, where do you see yourself in each area of your life?  Be honest.

If you start looking for these types of thinking in everyday life in the people and institutions around you, you'll make a startling discovery...

Our society is totally permeated, top to bottom, with B-thinking.  It controls our political processes, our religious and educational institutions and the vast majority subscribe to it uncritically.  You'll also notice that most of history's great leaders and role models were A-thinkers.  

If you're an A-thinker working in a B-thinking institution of any kind, that situation IS going to drive you nuts.  You'll need special tools to survive, the tools of a Warrior.  Because every true A-thinker is a Warrior at heart.  Check out the tools... survive and thrive in a mediocre world.  99% of people are B-thinkers and need not apply: 


~ Dr. Symeon Rodger 

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