Thursday, 25 March 2010

The Three Virtues of the Warrior

Last time, we heard from veteran shakespearean actor Christopher Plummer in his reprised role as General Chang, a key figure in one of fiction's greatest warrior cultures - Star Trek's Klingon Empire.

Today, General Chang outlines the three key virtues that can give you a rock solid and resilient life:

(By the way, you can ignore the second half, where he's talking about a simulated conflict with the Federation - Star Trek's "good guys").


You do, or you wouldn't even be here. Virtues are the foundation of character. What's character? It's the ability to do the right thing, even under the most adverse conditions.  So, if you haven't trained yourself in virtue, the vicissitudes of life will blow you about like a leaf on the wind.  You'll be constantly changing course, making poor decisions and focused mainly on protecting yourself.

The Warrior, on the other hand, has trained the three virtues General Chang speaks of, and that's why he or she is a much more effective, more resilient and happier person. You see,
the Warrior isn't focused on protecting his own reputation, position and EGO. No, the Warrior is a different species than the wind-blown mob of humanity. The Warrior cuts a straight course through life and is unaffected by the buffeting of circumstances.

Naturally, this allows her to focus on her inner life no matter what's going on externally. And that explains why others draw so much strength from her presence.

The first virtue you need is duty. As Chang says, the person who doesn't practice the virtue of duty "falls into vainglory and reckless self-interest. No true Warrior could ever tolerate these vices, neither in his comrades, nor in himself."

More on duty next time.  For now, all I'll say about it is this: find me any dysfunctional corporate culture and I'll show you a self-interested senior leadership who's utterly unconcerned with doing its duty.

Sound like any workplace near you?  Yeah, I kind of thought so!

~ Dr. Symeon Rodger

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