Saturday, 24 October 2009

Your Insider's Look at a Warrior's Day...

Last time, I promised to share with you what I actually DO everyday to build resilience and achieve a great quality of life. So here it is...

Keep in mind that this is just one example of how to go about it. Other Warriors will do lots of things differently. Moreover, my own personal program is a work in progress, so none of this is carved in stone. This should just stimulate your thinking;-)

Why would I do this? Simple - by keeping up this simple, easy and quick baseline of training, I can keep myself in a state of superb health, physical fitness and inner
balance without losing any time for other things.

I can pretty much guarantee that if were to track your time for an average day, you'd see you're wasting more time on useless activities than I'm spending on training ;-)

After just ONE DAY of a regime like this, you'll feel:

- Stronger
- Healthier
- More confident
- More balanced
- More in control of your life

Sound good to you?

So here's a typical day's training:

0300-0330: SSDN (meditation, which can include any type of meditation or prayer discussed in The 5 Pillars of Life)

0600-0630: SSDN, followed by the Self-Massage Set Qi Gong (5 minutes) and Fitness Routine of 30 reverse push-ups, 20 forward push ups, abdominal exercises and 25 squats (5 minutes)

0800-0845: Walk, including deep breathing exercises, uphill sections with heavy pack - I use this time to practice noetic prayer and some visualization

0845-0900: Reading inspiring material, Fitness Routine for second time.

1000-1005: Muscle-Tendon Changing Qi Gong

1100-1105: Practice one martial arts technique

1200-1210: SSDN

1400-1405: Do a short Tai Chi form

1500-1505: Fitness routine for third time

1600-1605: Breathing portions of Iron Shirt Qi Gong

1630-1700: Walk without pack - deep breathing, uphill and downhill

1700-1710: Fitness Routine with addition of situps and bridging

1710-1720: Martial arts with the punching bag (whose name is Bob, after a particularly obnoxious person I used to work for ;-)

2100-2110: Qi Gong (whatever type comes to mind)

2110-2140: Readinge

2140-2200: SSDN

There you have it. This may look like a lot, but when you actually do it you'll realize you're getting enormous results from activities that take VERY little time. You don't lose much working time and what you do lose is more than made up for by working much more effectively because you've had the good sense to shut your brain down and engage your body for a few minutes.

So I encourage you to take some of these 5-minute chunks out of your day and fill them with any activity that increases your resilience, whether that's sit-ups, meditation or reading something that inspires and motivates you.

If you want to learn the world's top methods for doing all of this, you need to get over to this page:

- Dr. Symeon Rodger

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