Saturday, 24 October 2009

*RESILIENCE* - Turn Your Life Around Through Training

Two of my favorite "warrior" movies are "300" and "The Lord of the Rings" trilogy because, if you look closely at each, you'll find some profound lessons on life. Yes, Hollywood occasionally gets it right ;-)

In "300" there's a scene where a large formation of Athenian soldiers come to the aid of Spartan King Leonidas and his smaller group of 300 men. The Athenian commander jokes that he has contributed more men to the battle than Sparta. Leonidas then asks a few of these Athenian soldiers what their profession is and gets answers like "merchant", "potter" and "blacksmith". Turning to his own men, Leonidas yells, "Spartans, what is your profession?" The Spartans' yell in response indicates that "warrior" IS their profession, so Leonidas turns back to the Athenian commander and says, "You see, I HAVE brought more soldiers than you!"

Of course, OUR Warriorship isn't necessarily about combat at all - it's about developing RESILIENCE on every level so that you can enjoy great health, immunity and longevity, cultivate deep inner peace, reconnect your mind and body, embark on a fulfilling spiritual life, become much more effective in our careers, and form loving and lasting relationships with everyone around you.

If that sounds good to you, you're still faced with the basic question - will you take the "Spartan" approach or the "Athenian"? Will you pursue this as an ESSENTIAL ELEMENT OF WHO YOU ARE, or will you just do a bit here and there?


What most distinguishes a "Warrior" from the rest of humanity? Is is fitness or inner peace or having their act together? No. It's that the Warrior is as serious about personal development as the Olympic athlete is about his or her gold medal.

The "hobbyist" approach never lasts long or achieves much. If you're not SERIOUS about the quality of every area of your life, you'll just muddle through, practicing a few things in a haphazard way and having little to show for it.

Your conscience will convict you, telling you that you can do far better, yet you'll always feel as though you just "can't find the time" to meditate, to work out, to read inspiring material, etc.

I'm here today to tell you that's almost always B.S. There's always time. Did you know that you only need 5 minute blocks scattered throughout your day to:

1. Build and maintaing deep inner peace
2. Whip that wet noodle of a physique into the to 10% of fit people on the planet
3. Design and stick to a super nutritional regime
4. Increase your immunity and resistance to disease
5. Double your effectiveness through visualization
6. Nuke negative emotional states and replace them with positive ones

People who get results know this. They train themselves to do this ALL DAY LONG. They don't need a gym, a meditation class, a Yoga or Qi Gong class, because they've transformed their DAILY LIFE into their classroom.

So can you. To learn more about how to do that, you can go here:

NEXT TIME, I'll share with you exactly how I personally train all day long, and the wonderful effects that has on my life. This will be a unique INSIDE look at the life of a Warrior, at how anyone can achieve PERSONAL RESILIENCE no matter how busy they are.

See you then!

- Dr. Symeon Rodger :-)

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