Tuesday, 2 June 2009

The ONE Thing I Want You to Really "Get"

Okay. I’ve spent the last few days giving you some concrete strategies for greatly increasing your sense of inner peace and harmony.

And, from what I’ve been hearing, that’s really helped you.

My real purpose, though, my “hidden agenda”, has been something a little different:

I’ve been trying to get you to engage your life in a different way, to sense a new possibility within yourself by rebuilding your lost mind-body connection.

Authentic Ancient Traditions all over the world have done this for millennia, with amazing results. The Taoists have called this overall process “self-cultivation” or “self-refinement”.


Look at it this way: your mind-body organism is meant to function in a certain way. When you use it in the proper way, it naturally stays healthy and functions optimally, so you’re physically healthy, emotionally happy and “in the zone”.

When you abuse your organism through your thoughts, your emotions, your diet, your physical movement (or lack thereof), you suffer the consequences.

Millennia of research have gone into figuring this out all over the world. Contrary to the modern “religious” idea that everything comes down to what you BELIEVE, ancient traditions knew – and still know – that the mind and body are interdependent.

They realized that if your energy or Qi (to use the Chinese medical term) is weak, dispersed or blocked, then your thought processes will be effected too. So you don’t have a hope in hell of governing your thoughts and emotions if you ignore your body.

The process of “combining energy and spirit” is a miraculous tool to help you enter into a whole new world, the world of self-refinement.

In the world of self-refinement, we do what makes us stronger. In the mundane world of the everyday, people do what makes them feel better (get pleasure and avoid pain) in the short term.

There’s only one small problem with the latter – it leads to weakness, illness and death. Self-refinement leads to the reverse, and that’s why the Taoists called it that path of “reversal” – reversing all the damage you’ve done to yourself up till now ;-)

When you seriously apply “combining energy and spirit” during your meditation, prayer and as you go through your day, several things start to happen…

  • You learn to separate your SELF from your THOUGHTS, which is the key to spiritual development. And it happens naturally, without special effort.
  • Your thoughts and emotions quiet down; you become peaceful and tranquil
  • Energy (Qi) starts to build up in your lower “dantien” – the area below the navel, which is your body’s main energy storage area
  • This clears out blockages in your energy system, so you naturally experience much improved health and immunity
  • Your central nervous system switches over from the stressful “sympathetic” circuit to the tranquil “parasympathetic” circuit more frequently and, eventually, at your command
  • As you pay attention to your breathing and your bodily structure, you start to experience not just levels of harmony I can’t describe, but also physical processes you never noticed before, trapped tensions and traumas you can release, the presence of energy fields around you, and more.
  • As you learn to keep your energy flow even and undisturbed, you become very sensitive to anything that has an impact on it – among highly developed people this could include even events you wouldn’t normally notice, like someone walking on your shadow, the presence nearby of someone you can’t see or the influence of stars and planets.
  • You start to rely on your intuition more and it gets a lot more accurate
  • You experience increased mental capacity and improved memory
  • Warmth and love toward everyone and everything starts to flow through you almost automatically

    Self-refinement is the key to everything I’ve been teaching you. Now I’ve given you the key to the door. No one can go through that door for you – you’ve got to do it yourself ;-)

    Consider that my challenge to you!


~ Dr. Symeon Rodger

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