Wednesday, 11 March 2009

I Accept the Challenge! Do You?

Welcome back,

Just wanted to let you know that people sent in some amazing comments with the Warrior Assessment Tool over the past week or so.

Strangely enough, the one the hit me right between the eyes was also one of the shortest. This person wrote:

“I have told you my goals. Now it’s up to you to guide me to achieve them.” [emphasis mine]

Well, the gauntlet has been thrown down! I do love a challenge, and my real passion is for helping people to achieve their goals. That’s what gives me personally the most personal happiness and that’s why I do this stuff. If it weren’t so, I sure wouldn’t be here ;-)

“Well,” I thought, “how can I help this person? I don’t know who they are since the Tool is anonymous. How can I at least find out what their goals are?”

Fortunately, Survey Monkey does have a feature that helped me to locate this person’s goals. I still don’t know who they are, or where, but I do know this. So here are their goals:

1. Improve my relationship with my spouse / partner
2. Increase my income
3. Detoxify my body
4. Overcome my fears

Now I was even more intrigued! Why? Because I’ve had to deal with all four of these issues in my own life. At one point or another every one of them has been a major challenge. So it’s not surprising that the Warriorship Black Belt Program has at least one unit dealing with each of these challenges.

What we often lose sight of when we start to write down our major challenges or even our goals is that each of us is a total person, a single whole, without separate “parts”. So we can easily get off track looking for a separate solution to each problem without ever noticing that what we need to “fix” is the total ME.

To whoever wrote this, I accept the challenge. Will you?

If you will accept it, you really need to join us tomorrow night, Thursday March 12 at 9pm EDT / 6pm PDT. You’ll find the sign-up link with the phone numbers at .

And for everyone else, remember to mark that in your calendar! I look forward to speaking with you then!

~ Dr. Symeon Rodger

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