Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Do Others Share YOUR Pain? Find Out Here...

Hi there,

I know you’re here today to get the scoop on what all of your fellow Warriors and Mindset students are going through, what their wants and needs are, what obstacles they face and more!

Well, here’s the basic statistical breakdown so far for the top 5 answers to Question 1:

“What are your HIGHEST priorities over the next 12 months?”

68% said “Increase my income”

53% said “Overcome self-limiting beliefs”

52% said “Get in better physical shape”

48% said “Get clear on what I really want”

45% said “Build excellent health and immunity”

Those answers may seem very “physical”, but the more “spiritual” side of the equation was strongly represented too, with 38% saying “Acquire deep inner peace” and 37% saying “Build a stronger spiritual life”. Likewise, those who say they want to become proficient at meditation or prayer adds up to 38% as well.

And when we talk about overcoming self-limiting beliefs, it’s worth noting that “Get more self confidence” and “Overcome fears” came out at 30% EACH.

A combined 39% want to find a soul mate OR improve the relationship they have with their current partner.

Of course, you're probably curious to know where we came out with the question on eliminating stress and anxiety. Well, 27% listed that as a top priority – a bit lower than I expected, actually. If you're not part of that 27%, you must be practicing your Hara!

That gives you a pretty good idea of where we’re at so far. Tomorrow, I’ll share some of the comments people have sent in. Gotta run! Have a great day!

- Dr. Symeon Rodger

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