Tuesday, 23 August 2011

A MUST-HAVE Tool for Your Personal Resilience

No one recovers from Lou Gehrig's disease or "ALS" as it's sometimes called.  It's worse... way worse than cancer.  It's a death sentence, where 85% of the victims die in 20-48 months.  There's no real treatment and certainly no cure.  At least, that's what we assumed...

Dr. Ben Johnson, himself a medical doctor, had those same assumptions going through his head when he himself was diagnosed with the dread disease.  Then he came across a very new (at the time) health protocol called the Healing Codes  and gave it a try out of desperation.  The result?  He was symptom-free in a matter of weeks and still is today, nearly a decade later!

The Guy Who Made It Happen

This past Thursday night I had the honor of talking with the founder of the Healing Codes, Dr. Alex Loyd.  Alex holds doctorates in psychology and naturopathic medicine and does he have a story for you!  

You can listen to that story right here on the replay of Thursday's call.  If there's one interview you should really make time for during the next few days, this is definitely it:

To listen to the replay, click this link:


You'll learn about Dr. Alex Loyd's personal struggle - life with a severely depressed spouse.  His wife, Tracy, was terribly depressed for years.  And if you've ever lived with someone going through depression, you know that words can't express how draining it is.  Yet Alex persevered through this for twelve long years - that's nearly martyrdom in my opinion.  

You'll learn about how Alex discovered what we now call the Healing Codes, although "discover" probably isn't quite the right word.  And then you'll experience his total shock at how effective this protocol really was and at what a wide range of physical and emotional challenges it was blowing right out of the water.  Have a look for yourself...

What He Didn't Know at the Time

When Alex was living through these initial successes, including the cure of his wife's chronic depression, he had little idea how his method worked, only that it did.  Now we have a much better idea what's really going on.

And for the first few years, there were hundreds, if not thousands of letters and emails coming in from people outlining the amazing results the Healing Codes provided.  However, that's just anecdotal evidence - even if there's a ton of it - and not exactly scientific proof.  

Since that last time I interviewed Alex - back in 2006 on the topic of mindset - scientific studies of the Healing Codes have been done and Alex will tell you about those too.  

Another big change since that time is that the cost of the Healing Codes has gone down dramatically.  Five years ago the price was still almost $900, because of the high cost of printing binders full of paper and shipping it.  Fortunately, digital delivery of some components has allowed them to chop the price down to less than a quarter of that. 

If you'd prefer to cut to the chase and take a few minutes to read the facts, you can learn all about the Healing Codes here

In our quest for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual resilience, the Healing Codes are, in my opinion, one indispensable tool we should all have on hand and use regularly.  

~ Dr. Symeon Rodger

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