Tuesday, 2 August 2011

EVERY MAN Needs to Read This...

When I was a young man, my track record with the opposite sex could only be described by three words... crash and burn.  Here I was, handsome, intelligent, athletic, even nice... everything a woman could want... or so I thought.  I just could not seem to figure it out!!

Sound familiar?  Do any of the following statements describe your life thus far?
  • Women don't seem to pay much attention to you
  • You're mystified by your wife's / girl friend's behavior
  • When you meet attractive women, they continually put you in the "friend" category
  • You're a really nice guy, with the best of intentions, and it's getting you nowhere with women
  • Attractive women actually scare you
  • Your sex life is full of miscommunication or conflict
  • You believe that NO ONE has the slightest idea what women want
  • If your success with women were a book, it would be thinner than "20th Century Italian War Heroes"

Romantic relationships are incredibly important to almost every human being.  In a very real sense, they complete our own being and are one of the most important factors in our overall happiness (and therefore have a huge impact on our health as well).  Yet SO many men and women fail to get what they're so desperately seeking from their romantic relationships.  

So, obviously, there's a huge screaming need here for some help in building truly RESILIENT man-woman connections.  

I'd like to introduce you to the men and women coaches of the Authentic Man Program or "AMP":

Turn Up Your Speakers and Enjoy the Video!

This video is long, but definitely worth your attention.  For most men, it will be nothing short of "shock and awe", especially the feedback from AMP's female coaches.  

Here at Global Resilience Solutions, we're looking for exactly that - resilience solutions to various areas of your life where you need major help.  And I'm both astounded and pleased to say that AMP has earned our highest recommendation.  We've been evaluating their programs for over a month and they have surpassed all expectations, for reasons I'll get to in a moment.  In fact, AMP is one of the top two programs we've come across so far this year!

Now at first glance, you might think AMP is a "pick-up" program; one of those internet programs that teaches guys the right words to say and ways to behave to pick up girls and (not to put too fine a point on it) to get laid.

However, although AMP will dramatically improving a guy's success with women, it contains NO gimmicks at all.  It's not about manipulating women through clever tricks, but about really connecting with them on a deep level as other human beings and meeting their deeply felt need to encounter a man who is fully present in his heart and his body, embracing his experience and solidly grounded in who he really is.

And that's what AMP is all about - helping you as a man to:

  • Understand how women really perceive men in general and YOU in particular
  • Get out of your head and into your body
  • Connect with, embrace and share your emotional experience
  • Reconnect with your natural masculine power, which is what women really want from you 

In a society that has a strong tendency to emasculate men - a by-product of out political correctness that serves neither men nor women - AMP can put you back in touch with who you really are.  And this is why we give it top marks...

It reintegrates mind and body, teaches fundamental body-work to help you do this, and will completely change your understanding of how the sexes really interact.  And because it's such a holistic program, it will improve ALL your relationships; not just those with women.  

And if you're a women who couldn't resist reading this post out of sheer curiosity, and you know your primary relationship is not where you'd like it, then this is worth a look-see for you too! 

For more information on the Authentic Man Program, just click here.

Wishing you all the happiest of relationships!

~ Dr. Symeon Rodger

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