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Peak Performance Training: Step 1 to Personal Power

Feeling lately like your life is just out of control? If you’re getting hit with health challenges, faltering relationships, increased stress, and other things all at once, you’re probably asking yourself how this happened and what you can do about it.

If I were the standard self-appointed guru of modern times, I suppose I’d tell you to visualize what you want, take a particularly magical nutritional product or use some other simplistic solution. However, none of that will change your life unless you first recover what you’ve lost. And what you’ve lost is your Personal Power.

Personal Power is a relatively new term for an age-old concept. There is no true peak performance training without Personal Power. At the most basic level, Personal Power is the measure of your ability to change anything in your life – and especially yourself – at will. Ask yourself how many people you know can do that - you’ll be lucky to name even one. Yet it’s the birthright and the calling of every human being to exercise their free will to become the master of their own life.

After decades of studying the ancient world’s top approaches to spiritual life, health maintenance and martial arts, I realized these traditions were able to consistently turn out people who were exactly that – masters of their own lives, graduates of the ultimate peak performance training of their time. And yet in my pastoral work and counseling and coaching it became quickly apparent that most people are exactly the opposite. They are so short of Personal Power that they have been reduced to “coping” with a life they don’t like but can’t change.

“Authentic Ancient Traditions (AATs)” – as I’ve called them in my book, The 5 Pillars of Life – were those ancient traditions capable of proving that they consistently got the transformational results they claimed. Among them are certain schools of Buddhism and Taoism, Eastern Orthodox Christianity (the direct continuation of the ancient Christian approach), some native American approaches and yet others worldwide.

They all know that Personal Power is the vital foundation for all spiritual development and for true happiness. They also know Personal Power is the fruit of “resilience” – becoming physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually stronger, more effective and more resilient than average. And knowing you can only develop resilience by deliberately facing tough challenges created for that purpose, these traditions put their newbies through some pretty tough stuff. To be real and produce results, peak performance training has to challenge your mental, physical and spiritual capacities.

So how can you start to develop Personal Power today and take back control of your life? Simple. You absolutely must proceed methodically, step by step, and the first step is your body.

The Body and Personal Power: Diet

If you want to develop your Personal Power and take back control of your life, you must get really serious about your body. There are some deeper reasons for this I’ll explain later, but for now here’s what you have to put into place:

1. First, you must stop eating all harmful foods at once. This includes all white flour, white rice, white and brown refined sugars, table salt, trans fats and preferably also meat that’s been subjected to antibiotics and growth hormones.

Once you start to hydrate yourself properly, eat what your body needs and not what it’s craving, you’ll find your energy levels go way up.

2. You need to cleanse your body from accumulated toxins. That means you’ll want to do a week long cleanse at least twice per year (fall and spring are often the best times) and once a week you’ll want to take a day where you go really easy on your digestive system. You see, modern research on mice and ancient research on monks came to the same conclusion: if you reduce the burden on your organism’s digestive system, you’ll quite likely live a lot longer.

3. The Mindset You Need. To make all this work, you need to create a burning desire to do it. And, strangely enough, that’s easier than you think! Here’s what to do:

Take time every day to visualize your body-mind organism as absolutely pure and functioning perfectly
Visualize yourself in perfect health
Visualize yourself with boundless energy

If you do this every day for a month, you’ll find your cravings for junk food will disappear on their own.

Is it easy to build up your Personal Power? No. Is it a magic pill that will fix everything you’ve screwed up over the years so you can continue in the same self-destructive behaviors with no negative consequences? Nope!

If you find it’s tough to take charge of your diet at first, just ask yourself, “How much do I want to live a powerful, deliberate and stress-free life?” “Am I willing to go back to the life I’ve known so far and spend the rest of my days this way?” Accumulating Personal Power and true mind-body transformation aren’t the result of pills, gimmicks or quick fixes. They take commitment and persistence. So if you’ve got what it takes, you’ll want to read this whole 5-part series on Personal Power and discover a whole new approach to what it means to be human.

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~ Dr. Symeon Rodger

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