Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Energy Psychology and the Shape of Things to Come

Just blew in the door from presenting at the 12th Annual Energy Psychology Conference (EPC) in Toronto.  And it was a phenomenal experience!  (For me it started out as dinner with friend and EFT expert Carol Look, so it definitely got off on the right foot ;-)

Although I certainly enjoyed giving a 2-hour workshop on Hara to about 40 enthusiastic people, the real "ice cream" for me was being able to spend three days with a group of highly intelligent, friendly and open-minded people whose primary focus is healing others.  Their collective dedication to truth, to scientific rigor and their insistence on respecting the scientific method were very inspiring.

As you know all too well, respect for the scientific method is the first casualty of the "ideological orthodoxy" running most any academic field.  You see this in fields as diverse as medicine, history, theology, archeology, and psychology.  In fact, there's probably no field where this hasn't happened.  

I'd like to share with you some of the cutting edge information on energy healing presented by Dr. Larry Dossey, a best-selling author who left his very prestigious medical career to write "heretical books" on the effects of spirituality on the healing process and whose keynote address kicked off the conference.  The information he and others shared has enormous implications not only for the future of health care, but for each one of us as we pursue our goal of personal Resilience.

So just turn up your speakers and I'll tell you some of Dr. Dossey's key points:

~ Dr. Symeon Rodger

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