Thursday, 14 October 2010

The Mythical Town of Allopath - Closer to Home than You Think...

Every once in a while you come across an amazing little video with a giant message.  And this is one of those times.  

The video is called The Town of Allopath and, as you might guess, it's a brilliant animated expose of the follies of our "official" medical tradition, which is technically known as "allopathic medicine", and of the pharmaceutical approach to healing in general.  Here it is:

The Elephant in the Room

Every time there's a big public health care debate, such as the recent one in the USA or the earlier one in Canada, I'm struck more than anything by the elephant in the room that no one talks about. 

Why is no one saying the obvious?  - that our health care system is wildly expensive because it's so dependent on expensive technology, because there's no priority given to preventative health care, and because the medical associations, pharmaceutical corporations and insurance providers work hand in glove.  

Could we have a superb health care system for half the cost?  Of course we could!  It would be easy to design one.  So why don't we?  There are at least two reasons.  The first, of course,  consists of the entrenched political interests of the parties we've just mentioned.  Unfortunately, though, there's another factor that hits a lot closer to home, and that factor is us...

Are We Really Part of the Solution? 

We, the public in general, are the people who make our health care unaffordable.  We're the ones propping up the unholy alliance of allopathic medicine, Big Pharma, the Agri-Food giants, the chemical companies and the insurance firms.  We do it every time we go looking for the magic pill to take away our symptoms, every time we fail to discern what our body is really telling us, every time we refuse to change our disastrous lifestyle.  

If your smoke detector goes off at home, you look everywhere to make sure there's no fire; you don't just yank out the battery because the noise is inconvenient.  Yet that's exactly what we do every time we go to our GP and expect him or her to just make the nasty symptoms go away so we don't have to think about them.  

My own family doctor would love to do more preventative medicine, yet one of the big things holding him back is the pill-popping mentality of his own patients.  So we ourselves are often as much a part of the problem as the people we blame.  Remember, a symptom is not just an annoyance... it's an invitation for you to listen to what your body is telling you.  

So allopathy isn't just a problem that's "out there"; it's a frame of mind that we all too easily lapse into.  Do you oppose the monopoly of our expensive and largely ineffective allopathic institutions?  Then it's time to start looking at your own life and how you personally handle the health challenges that come your way.  

~ Dr. Symeon  Rodger 

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