Sunday, 12 September 2010

Want Better Quality of Life? Develop COURAGE

Courage is the very basis of true quality of life.  It is the beginning and the end of every desirable character trait you can have.  Without courage, there is no honor, no personal integrity, no loyalty, no humility and certainly no love.  

And without those, there's no real success or happiness in life.  Only a courageous person can develop personal Resilience.  

Courage can transform any life and any circumstance from abject misery into wonderful adventure because...

Courage takes charge in every situation.  Courage calmly identifies and assesses options.  Courage expects a miraculous turn of events in its own favor... and is seldom disappointed.  Courage takes a deep breath and stays calm "under fire".  Courage pulls people together, inspires them, motivates and galvanizes them into action.  Courage instills confidence and creates loyalty and trust.  It is the fundamental quality of a leader.  Courage creates opportunities where none appeared to exist before.  Courage gives rise to an unaccountable joy in the heart.  Courage banishes the demons of self-doubt and low self-esteem.  Courage repeatedly snatches victory from the jaws of defeat.  Where cowardice sees only huge and insurmountable problems, courage sees only fun and interesting projects.  

Acquiring Courage:

Many people erroneously assume that courage is something you either have or you don't.  When they sense fear in their own hearts, they simply assume nothing can be done about it.  This is false.  If you wish to acquire the great virtue of courage, I'll tell you now how to get it.  

You could say that "a hero is just a coward who's afraid to show his fear."  This paradoxical quip is not quite as absurd as it may seem.  As with all virtues, you have to do two and only two things to acquire this one:

First, you have to decide you want courage.  You have to decide that you're fed up living with fear, anxiety, self-doubt and all your internal saboteurs.  How often do you experience fear or anxiety over something?  If you keep track of this for even one day, my bet is you'll be shocked at the degree to which fear dominates your thinking.  So resolve now that you're going to acquire courage - no one can do it for you.  You have to decide.

Second, you have to take action.  Notice that you don't have to feel courage first.  If you wait to feel courage before you act, you'll wait forever.  On the other hand, if you act courageously, if you dismiss all excuses, take responsibility for your own life and do what a courageous person would do, you'll find yourself filled with a strong feeling of real courage almost instantly.

With this feeling will come a wonderful sense of taking back control of your life and your destiny.  This is a special joy only courageous people experience.  And you know what?  Every courageous person has been just as controlled by fear as you have been.  The only difference is they've made a clear decision.  You can too.  

Yes, there will be set-backs.  Expect them.  And pay no attention to them.  Simply continue to act the part and I guarantee you will experience amazing results.   

Here's a video meditation on courage you may find helpful:

Courage can totally remake your life, and all it takes on your part or mine is the decision to want it and to act courageously until we in fact become courageous people.

~ Dr. Symeon Rodger


  1. Thank you Symeon, for such a beautiful, critically important and inspiring post, closed movingly with Osho's enlightenment. You brought back many valued meditations I had under some of his close followers, but your whole message here is one to treasure and refer to any time self-doubt, procrastination and fear cripple our progress...a KEEPER!

  2. This is a fabulous post.I am printing it off and sticking it to the fridge. It is valid for everyone.