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Resilient Romance Teleseminar Q&A

"Someday, after mastering the winds, tides and gravity, we shall harness for God the energies of sexual love. Then, for the second time in history, we shall have discovered fire!"

~Teilhard de Chardin

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Our guests on Thursday night, Al and Pala Copeland, are internationally famous experts and teachers on the subject of "sacred sex", an ancient paradigm that looks at romance and
sexuality in a holistic way and teaches you how to use your sexual energy to improve your health and immunity, heal your partner, calm your emotions, deepen you affection and even develop yourself spiritually.

Most often this is referred to as "Tantric Sex" and is associated with India in the popular mind, although there is a Chinese Taoist version of it that's just as highly developed and that I myself was taught years over a decade ago as part of my Qi Gong training. And similar practices can be found among aboriginal cultures in the Americas.

Since there are a lot of misconceptions about this approach, I'll address some of those misconceptions right now:

MISCONCEPTIONS (ideas from people who are "unencumbered by facts and information")

1. "Tantric Sex contains deviant sexual practices"

While we can't take responsibility for what everyone who claims to practice "Tantric sex" may do, this idea is completely FALSE. To learn Tantric sex and greatly improve your intimacy and emotional connection, there is no need to do anything that could remotely be considered "deviant".

2. "To practice Tantric sex you need to practice Hinduism."

NONSENSE. That's like saying you have to become a Taoist to do Tai Chi. All you really need is a desire to discover the full potential of your God-given human sexuality and how this can

help you and your partner fall far more deeply in love than you ever have before, with all the benefits that will bring to you, your children and everyone around you.

3. "Tantric sex requires you to master difficult postures."

No. Although the science of Tantra has devised many different sexual positions for various purposes, you don't have to stretch beyond your capabilities to reap the benefits. Class is not
limited to Olympic gymnasts ;-)

4. "Tantric sex is the hedonistic search for the ultimate

No. Tantric sex will indeed introduce you to far greater levels of pleasure than you're used to and redefine the whole notion of orgasm, but the PURPOSE of this is ultimately to deepen your
relationship with your partner and develop you spiritually.

5. "Tantric sex is incompatible with our Western way of life."

Well, if you mean that it's incompatible with chronic emotional and sexual repression, with the violence, deviance and self-loathing all that repression causes, with widespread neurosis,
sexual frustration, sexual dysfunction, failed marriages, broken homes and the rest of our social mess, then the answer is yes.

6. "There's no point in learning this because my partner will
never get into it anyway."

Lots of people have entirely transformed their relationships without getting their partner to attend a single class or read a single book. Once you learn this material, you will become the catalyst for transforming your relationship and, chances are, your partner will be delighted.

7. "Tantric sex is 'new age'."

Hmmm.... difficult to say. Maybe I should ask my university students what they think. "New Age" is simply a label and a very broad one. The question is, what are you afraid of? Tantric sex is an invitation to explore your total physical, emotional and spiritual potential using a very ancient
science that's been used across many cultures with various worldviews.

8. "Only New Age people are interested in this stuff."

NO. Tantric sex is rapidly becoming the sex education method of choice for committed couples of all kinds in North America., a portal site for Tantric sex resources, is now getting over fifty thousand hits every day.

9. "There's no point in learning this stuff since I'm not in a relationship right now."

If you're looking for a new relationship, what better preparation could you have than to master your own sexual energy? Many of the exercises are in fact ones that you have to do alone anyway, so you can still benefit enormously. And you'll have a much clearer idea of the kind of person you want as a life partner in the future.

10. "I seem to have a sexual dysfunction, so there's no point in trying to learn this."

Actually, Tantric sex is a healing method designed to overcome common sexual dysfunctions (such as inability to reach orgasm easily in women or erectile difficulties and premature ejaculation in men) as well as previous sexual traumas.

Hopefully that's put to rest some of the misconceptions you may have heard about Tantric sex. Remember to join us on Thursday night - here are the call-in details again:

Thursday night, August 26, 2010 at 9pm EST / 6pm PST

Keep Love Thriving and Passion Hot for a Lifetime Together!


Al and Pala Copeland

Call-in Number: (218) 862-1300
Guest PIN: 550604

Dr. Symeon Rodger

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