Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Why YOU Need a "Thick Face" and a "Black Heart"

Hi all,

This week I have something REALLY special for you. So, for your own sake, you'll want to read all this VERY carefully and meditate on it.

You've no doubt read tons of stuff about self-help and personal development or you wouldn't be reading this. So you've seen and heard lots of experts trying to answer questions like:

- Why do some people succeed and others fail to reach their goals?
- Why do some have total clarity about what they want, while most people don't?
- Why do a very few find deep inner peace, while most remain tormented and conflicted?
- Why do 5% of the population make a difference while 95% don't?

One of the most profound answers to questions like these came in a book first published 99 years ago. The book, called "Thick Black Theory" was IMMEDIATELY BANNED by the government as far too dangerous for the population to read. Seriously!

That alone probably means it's worth reading!

The catch is that reading the original might not help you much. First of all, the book was written in China, and is full of allusions to Chinese culture and literature that would make it next to incomprehensible, even in translation. After all, an expression like "how far down the rabbit hole do you want to go?" means nothing unless you're familiar with "Alice in Wonderland".

The author of "Thick Black Theory" was Lee Zhong Wu, a sociologist of sorts who was dispassionately cataloguing the behaviors of the successful. Fortunately, a Chinese-American business woman named Chin-Ning Chu turned Lee's somewhat obscure content into a superb book in the early 90's, under the title, "Thick Face, Black Heart: The Warrior Philosophy for Conquering the Challenges of Business and Life".

The catch is that a "Thick Face" and a "Black Heart" (hereafter TFBH) can serve the saint and the sinner equally well. The theory really describes powers or energies of the human spirit that could be used for great good or great evil. And that tends to put off the "bliss-out" New Age types who can't get past that fact long enough to understand the incredibly profound content.

Over the next few days, here's what I'm going to do for you:

1. Unpack the concepts of "thick face" and "black heart"
2. Show you how they apply to YOUR life
3. Demonstrate how they accord totally with the teachings of the world's "Authentic Ancient Traditions" of spiritual life and self-refinement, forming the core of Warriorship, and...
4. Give you the basic principles of how to begin cultivating TFBH for yourself

CAUTION: The principles you're about to see in the following posts should not be shared with unscrupulous people. Moreover, some of them may shock you a little. If that happens, just take a deep breath and say, "I guess I haven't understood this just yet."

TF and BH are concepts indispensable for success in any endeavour. Without mastering and applying them, either consciously or unknowingly, you're always going to wonder what's missing and why you can't seem to make progress.

Moreover, when you look at where you've had successes in your life already, you'll start to notice traces of these practices.

Are you ready for the ride? Okay, we'll see you next time!

And if you know any other people of good character who need this knowledge, bring them along too.

Oh yes... don't forget to leave your comments below!

~ Dr. Symeon Rodger

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  1. Dr. Rodger,

    I don't usually make critical posts, but you kind of bummed me out this time:-(

    Sent me a teaser email which led me here to your blog, but when I got here there was just, essentially, a copy of the same teaser:-(

    Maybe you've been spending too much time hanging out with internet marketing gooks (geeks - gurus?) - from these guys I've come to expect web sites with 10 pages of teasers with a strong selling close at the end, but not from you.

    Anyway, I googled TFBH terms, ordered a copy of the book and found some information about it on Matt Furey's web site, and I hope, when you stop teasing, that you give us more information than Matt does.



    PS I always read your emails and usually really enjoy your blog - it's just that you annoyed me this time - perhaps because your teaser was so compelling:-)